The Development History of Redispersible Powder


As early as more than 1000 years ago, humans had discovered that the use of natural resin or protein materials can significantly improve the durability of inorganic adhesive materials. For example, Zhaozhou Bridge in China is a good case. This experience has continued into the modern era, especially the invention of cement and the popularity of it. With the continuous advancement of modern polymer synthetic resin technology, synthetic resins began to be applied to the modification of traditional building materials in the 1950s. This includes PPC and PCM that is often mentioned. The common dry powder mortar modified by the Redispersible Powder is a kind of PCM.

Just as the construction mortar has been gradually developed from the on-site mixing for thousands of years to the pre-mixed dry mortar of the factory, the application of synthetic polymer resin has also been added on-site in the factory in the beginning and then directly added to the dry mortar. This is mainly because the polymer resin can only be present in the form of an aqueous dispersion.

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