18 Dec 2020
December 18, 2020

「CHINACOAT 2020」Finished

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SIDLEYCHEM attended CHINACOAT 2020 from December 8th to December 10th and its booth was located at 3.2H27. During the exhibition, SIDLEYCHEM received a large number of new and old customers. Customers discussed the application and product characteristics of drymix mortar admixtures with our technical staff and planned to test the performance of our products in drymix mortar.

SIDLEYCHEM exhibited a series of admixture products at this exhibition, including cellulose ether, redispersible polymer powder, calcium formate, starch ether, water repellent, etc. These products are mainly used in drymix mortar and coating industries.

HPMC MR15101 and HPMC MR22109 are newly developed cellulose ether products. MR15101 is mainly used in drymix mortar, with excellent water retention and excellent workability and slip resistance in tile adhesives. MR22109 is a cellulose ether specially developed for gypsum products. It has very good water retention, workability, and excellent anti-slip performance. Products are recognized by customers at home and abroad.

In latex paint and natural stone paint products, we recommend SIDLEYCEL HEC 30000 and HEC 50000E. HEC is a thickener commonly used in coatings. HEC produced by SIDLEYCHEM has the characteristics of good thickening effect, strong mildew resistance, and good color development. It is very suitable for water-based coatings.

Redispersible Polymer powder is an important product produced by SIDLEYCHEM. RDP is a powder made of VAE emulsion as a raw material and formed by spray-drying. RDP is a very important binder in drymix mortar. We recommend RDP-8012/8013, 8012 and 8013, which have the characteristics of low ash content, strong adhesion and good water resistance. Compared with international brand products(Like Wacker, Dow, Dairen), the same performance can be achieved.

Compared with previous years, the number of visitors to this year’s exhibition has decreased, and exhibitors have also decreased. However, during the entire exhibition, the flow of visitors was very considerable, and the visitors was very professional in the product. The visitors and our technicians had a discussion on product application, which had a very good communication effect.

“CHINACOAT Exhibition” is a form of physical exhibition, and “Online Exhibition” is designed for those who chooses to exhibit online instead of attending the physical exhibition. The online virtual version will continue to operate for 60 days after the physical exhibition ends (December 10) until February 6th , 2021, allowing you enough time to complete tasks such as purchasing in the exhibition and establishing contacts with suppliers.

The next China Coatings Show will be held in Shanghai, and we will meet at the Shanghai coatings show next year.