About Us

SIDLEYCHEM has focused on the application development and product promotion of construction chemicals such as mortars and coating additives for many years. To provide customers with professional, customized one-stop product supply services and systemized solutions. At present, it has formed fields covering mortar, paint and daily chemicals.


SIDLEYCHEM has the production base in Shandong, China with an annual production capacity of 15,000MT of MC (HPMC/MHEC); 5000 MT of HEC; 10000MT of RDP; 10000MT of PAC for oildrilling; 15000MT of Calcium Formate/Sodium Formate/Potassium Formate etc.


As one of the best suppliers of mortar additives in China, Sidleychem has its own technology center to assist customers in product analysis, product development, formulation optimization and more. At the same time providing the most competitive products, providing customers with the best customized service is our goal.


  • Most competitive price
  • Technical Support.
  • customized service.