The 2023 Moscow Concrete Exhibition (XXV CCDM) was held at the Moscow Exhibition Center in Russia. Sidley led the team to participate in this international exhibition from October 19th to 21st. This year’s exhibition covers an area of 20000 square meters, with over 2000 exhibitors competing on the same stage and working together to create a future industry ecosystem.

The Moscow Concrete Exhibition in Russia gathers 12 countries in one venue. More than 100 industry-leading companies showcased their products and development achievements, and many technology events were held during the exhibition, attracting experts from various fields, not only in the construction field, but also in related industries.

At this exhibition, Sidley also brought our company’s latest developed products and showcased them to guests. Many visitors stopped at the Sidley booth to observe the application and display effects, and exchanged ideas with Sidley technical experts on the comprehensive innovation of this technology in terms of application and quality. They are full of expectations for Sidley products to enter the international market and lead the industry in high-quality and sustainable development. The booth is highly popular, and there is an endless stream of visitors for consultation and exchange.

During the exhibition, hundreds of partners from various countries came to negotiate, and several well-known coating companies reached deep cooperation intentions with Sidley. More importantly, the in-depth exchange of overseas paint exhibitions helps to obtain, share, and deeply integrate market information and industry trends both domestically and internationally in multiple dimensions, promoting Sidley to further improve its global market layout. In the future, Sidley will continue to develop high-quality mortar additives, providing customers with the most competitive products and the best customized services. Welcome to contact us for cooperation or request samples: [email protected].

The exhibition is coming to an end, but our cooperation has only just begun. In the future, Sidley will continue to focus on product research and innovation, providing customers with high-quality and high-performance functional products and technical support, and exploring solutions to empower and increase efficiency for the dry powder mortar additive industry with more customers, jointly promoting the development and progress of the industry! Create a better future together!