Exhibition Name: Pakistan Coatings Exhibition (2023)

Time: May 18-20, 2023 (Thursday ~ Saturday)

Holding cycle: Once a year

Organizer: Bin Rasheed

Venue: Lahore Expo Center, Pakistan, Asia

Stand No.: 53

From May 18th to 20th, 2023, Sidley will present at the Pakistan Coating Show at the Lahore Expo Center, which is the largest and most influential chemical coating exhibition in Pakistan and meanwhile a platform for global coatings, inks, paints, adhesives, and other raw material suppliers and equipment suppliers to expand their resources. Therefore, it is strongly supported by local government departments and related industry associations.

The Coating Show will simultaneously hold product and technology academic seminars. The representatives of chemical, production, and processing companies invited to attend will discuss and research the latest information in the industry. Sidley will bring Hydroxy propyl methyl cellulose; Hydroxyethyl Cellulose Ether; Carboxymethyl Cellulose; calcium formate; Redispersible Polymer powder; Starch Ether. In addition, we are highlighting the application and development of mortar and coating additives. Welcome to meet us at Pakistan Coatings Show 2023(Lahore Expo Center, Stand No.: 53).

HPMC is an essential additive in the dry-mixed mortar field and has broad uses in the building materials industry. SIDLEYCHEM has developed exceptional grades for tile adhesive, gypsum-based, putty, and other applications. Product models such as MR 22109; MR 12104; MR 06430 have been recognized by customers, and their water retention performance, thixotropy, and anti-slip performance have all been appreciated by customers.

RDP is the core product of SIDLEYCHEM. It can improve the strength and weather resistance of mortar and has excellent adhesion to various substrates. Therefore, it is an indispensable additive in dry-mixed mortar. The RDP from SIDLEYCHEM is made of Celanese emulsion, which forms a free-flowing white powder after spray drying—widely used in external wall insulation, tile adhesive, putty, and other products.It has good stability to store under normal conditions without adhesion and maintains good fluidity. In addition, the Hydrophobic Redispersible Polymer powder can make the mortar waterproof.We recommend to customers the following product models RDP-8044, 8013, and 6013, which are suitable for mortar systems.

Hydroxyethyl cellulose is widely used in coating products. The two hydroxyethyl cellulose products HE-40000E/HE-60000E launched by SIDLEYCHEM have an excellent anti-mold effect, biological stability, and thickening effect. Tests showed that all the properties could meet the standard of coating use.It has a higher uniform substitution degree and excellent enzyme resistance. As a result, it can be widely used in Lacquer, latex paint, petroleum drilling auxiliaries, detergents, toothpaste production, and other industries.Furthermore, past use cases have proved that our hydroxyethyl cellulose products can replace Natrosol 250HBR and other products and have superior price competitiveness. Recommended model: HE-400000E.

The starch ether produced by SIDLEYCHEM can effectively prevent the sagging phenomenon of the thick-layer mortar due to its unique chemical structure, which is especially suitable for tile adhesives. As a result, it can significantly improve products’ anti-sag and anti-slip performance in the tile adhesive system. Recommended model: HPS-301 can replace AVEBE 301.

Calcium formate is an early strength agent that accelerates the setting and hardening of concrete/mortar. The calcium formate produced by SIDLEYCHEM has the characteristics of large particles and good fluidity, which is not accessible to agglomerate and is easy to disperse in mortar. Therefore, it is a very superior crystal calcium formate.

Polycarboxylate superplasticizer is a series of powder superplasticizers newly developed by our company. It has high water reduction and strong adaptability properties. Therefore, it is suitable for self-leveling systems such as gypsum and mortar. The product is made of polycarboxylate superplasticizer mother liquor by spray drying, which has the characteristics of good fluidity and highly effective content. At the same time, we also produce the mother liquor, which is widely used in concrete and other systems.

Gypsum retarder is a protein retarder formed by synthesizing amino acids, which has an excellent retarding effect on gypsum and little effect on strength. SIDLEYCHEM recommends the GR-70 product, which has high solid content and good fluidity, can compete with international brands, and has a price advantage.

Silicone water repellent is a new waterproof product launched by SIDLEYCHEM. It has a perfect waterproof effect after adding 0.1% water repellent through testing. As an excellent repellent, it is widely exported to South America, the Middle East, and other countries.

The above products are widely used in dry-mixed mortar, tile adhesive, putty, gypsum, water-based paint, latex paint, natural stone paint, and other industries.

As one of China’s best suppliers of mortar additives, SILEY integrates environmental protection and innovation to enhance our technology and develop high-quality products with our own technology research and development center to help customers with product analysis. We aim to provide customers with the most competitive products and the best-customized services.

The exhibition provides Sidley with an excellent opportunity to meet customers, establish new contacts, and exchange information on the latest trends in the coatings industry. The show will last until May 20th: welcome industry experts and new and old customers to join us at the Pakistan Coatings Exhibition.