(1)Tile adhesive

Recommend dosage is between 0.3%~0.5%. According to the variety, the dosage is different, as show in picture 4.4-9.

Function: Excellent anti drop , prevent tile from falling, improve working performance, reduce the phenomenon of spatula sticking due to high viscosity; extend opening time and improve bonding strength.

Picture 4.4-9 Application of Cellulose Fiber

(2) Cement based/Lime cement based interface agent

Recommend dosage is between 0.4%~1.0%

Function: Excellent anti drop, good workability, reduce cracking, increase surface texture and roughness, improve the bonding strength with the base surface.

(3) External thermal insulation and crack resistant plastering mortar

Recommend dosage is between 0.3%~0.5%.

Function: Excellent sag resistance (even in the condition of large thickness of disposable plastering), good working performance and can be used for skim coat mortar.

(4) Plastering mortar

Recommend dosage is between 0.5%~0.5%, as shown in Picture 4.4-10

Function: It has good workability and anti sag on smooth base surface and can be used for premixed emulsion putty.

(5)Plastering mortar with light aggregate (Perlite, EPS particles)

Recommend dosage is between 0.3%~0.6%.

Function: Good anti drop, thick plastering, thickening, water retention, crack reduction, good workability.

Picture 4.4-10 Application of natural cellulose fiber

(6)External insulation polystyrene board pasting

Recommend dosage is 0.3%

Function: Good anti drop, good workability performance, increase bonding strength.

(7) Gypsum board/cement board/ grey calcium board caulking agent

Recommend dosage is between 0.5%~1.0%.

Function: Reduce cracking and shrinkage, increase bonding strength, good workability, improve burnishing.

(8) Joint filler agent  

Recommend dosage is between 0.5% to 1.0% as shown in Picture 4.4-11.

Function: Reduce cracking shrinkage, good workability, improve burnishing performance.

(9) Masonry mortar

Recommend dosage is between 0.2% to 0.5% as show in Picture 4.4-12

Picture 4.4-11 Joint filler construction  Picture 4.4-12 Masonry mortar construction

Function: Good workability, reduce adhesion of construction tools, reduce cost and increase bonding strength.

(10). Paste (emulsion type) tile adhesive

Recommend dosage is between 0.4% to 0.5%.

Function: Excellent anti sagging, no falling, good workability, high bonding strength.

(11) Paste (emulsion type) gypsum joint filler agent

Recommend dosage is between 0.5% to 0.8%.

Function: Excellent crack resistance and low shrinkage, good workability, easy to polish.

(12). Emulsion paint (Airless spray gun)

Recommend dosage is between 1% to 5%, as shown in Picture 4.4-13

Function: high surface finish, improved thixotropy, good crack resistance, reduced density.

(13) Emulsion paint (Roll and brush)

Recommend dosage is between 0.5% and 3%.

Function: Improve thixotropy, reduce cracking and shrinkage, suitable for thick coating.

(14) Emulsion paint (Crack resistant and reinforced)

Recommend dosage is between 0.4 to 0.8%.

 Picture 4.4-13 Spray gun construction