4.4.4 Application of natural cellulose fiber in painting industry

ApplicationProduct nameDosage
Interior wall painting (Airless spray gun)BE600/30PU1.0~5.0
Silicone PaintingBE600/30PU0.5~1.0
Special color dry powder paintingBE600/30PU5.0~8.0
Knurled paintingBWW40/B000.5~3.0
Crack resistant reinforced paintingBC200/BC10000.5~0.8
Road sign paintingBC10000.4~0.8

4.4.5 Application of natural cellulose fiber in other fields

   Natural cellulose fibers are widely used in the industry containing asphalt products. The non-toxic and harmless cellulose fiber is usually used to replace the asbestos which is harmful to human body. Because the density of cellulose fiber is light, its dosage is only 30%~50% of asbestos, and the space saved can be supplemented by other fillers. Natural cellulose fiber has excellent reinforcement, crack resistance, sag resistance (even if the temperature is higher than 90℃) and the sound insulation in asphalt products.

   The results show that adding lignin fiber can make the product produce a low finish and relatively rough surface, which is convenient for bonding. If you need a smooth surface, it is recommended to use short fibers but add more.

   The results showed that the longer the length of the fiber, the greater its viscosity will be. The longer the length of cellulose fiber is, the larger the three-dimensional cross-linking structure is and the greater the thermal resistance is. The shorter the length of cellulose fiber is , the better the surface finish of the product is.

  • Make breathable and moisture-proof pad

In the automobile industry, it is usually used to make the sound insulation sheet of moisture-proof embossing in the car, with a thickness of about 2mm as shown in picture 4.4-14

Recommended dosage: 0.8%~3.0%

Function: Increase thermal resistance, replace asbestos as reinforcement material, have better crack resistance and increase flexibility.

  • Expansion Zone (see pic 4.4-15)

It can be used in the joints between asphalt pavement and cement pavement of expressway, highway and municipal road, and between the joints between cement pavement and cement pavement. The expansion belt can prevent the expansion and contraction of heat and the infiltration of rainwater.

Recommended dosage: 5%~8%.

Function: Increase thermal resistance, replace asbestos, increase crack resistance and toughness.

  • Asphalt waterproof painting, roll (See picture 4.4-16)

Recommended dosage: 2%~6%

Function: Increase the thermal resistance, prevent cracking and enhance the effect.

Picture4.4-14 Automobile industry        Picture 4.4-16 Expansion Zone

  Picture 4.4-16 Asphalt waterproof painting