10 Nov 2018
November 10, 2018

Basic Concept of Redispersible Powder

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Basic Concept of Redispersible Powder


The Redispersible Powder is the main additive of dry powder ready-mixed mortar such as cement-based or gypsum-based.

The Redispersible Powder is a polymer of vinyl acetate and ethyl ester which is spray-dried and gathered from the original 2μm to form spherical particles of 80-100μm. Since the surface of these particles is surrounded by an inorganic hard-resistance powder, we obtained a dry polymer powder. They are easy to pour and packaged and store in warehouses. When powder is mixed with mortar which use water, cement or gypsum as substrates, it can be redispersed. The basic particles(2μm) will be re-formed into the same state as the original latex, so it is called re-dispersible powder.

It has good redispersibility, and redisperses into emulsion when get in touch with water, and its chemical properties are identical to the initial emulsion. By adding Redispersible Powder to cement-based or gypsum-based dry powder mortar, it can improve many properties of the mortar. Such as: 1). Improving the bonding strength and cohesion of the material; 2). Reduce the water absorption of the material and the elastic modulus of the material; 3). Reinforce the flexural strength, impact resistance, wear resistance and durability of the materials; 4). Improve the construction performance of the material.

Since the redispersible powder is a white, flowable powder, it can be easily dispersed in water and form a stable emulsion. It combines the excellent properties of the emulsion with the convenience, reliability and ease of storage of the powder system.

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