27 Nov 2019
November 27, 2019


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Sidley Chemical Co.,Ltd has years of experience in dry-mix mortar, gypsum, tile adhesive and water based paints. We bring high quality of cellulose ethers, Redispersible Polymer Powder(RDP), Calcium Formate, Sodium CarboxymethylCellulose (CMC) and starch ether to customers worldwide and provide professional service. Aiming to become the expert in this industry, we will meet all of our commitments to support our customer success.

During the exhibition, we introduced new product to our customers, discussed the problems regarding application of cellulose ethers, RDP, Calcium Formate and starch ethers, explained the market situation and price trend of cellulose ether and RDP.

  1. This year we introduced a new pre-mix product that can be directly used in tile-adhesive and wall putty production. It reduces the production procedures and improves product quality and stability.
  2. Redispersible polymer powder/ SIDLEYRDP is our strong product and has brilliant performance in strength, flexibility and water-proof.  It can be equivalent to regular product on market and has a big price edge.
  3. Calcium Formate/ Sidley CaFo we manufactured has stable price and quality with good whiteness, free-flowing and no odor. It has good early strength effect and widely used in tile adhesive, especially in low temperature condition.
  4. Our Hydroxypropyl MethylCellulose (HPMC)/starch ethers has good properties and can replace BERMOCOLL products, particularly in tile adhesive products. Good anti-slipping, water retention and long open time can be achieved by using SidleyCel products.

As a manufacturer and technical solution provider, SIDLEYCHEM is dedicated to provide our customers with good quality product and professional technical support, growing up with our customers.