24 Dec 2020
December 24, 2020

Compound dry mix additives

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  Two or more additives (some up to a dozen) are mixed together to become a special additive for dry mix mortar, so as to simplify the process formula and reduce the user’s inventory. This kind of product is usually called compound dry mix additives.

   First of all, the compound dry mix additive is not a simple compound, but is prepared on the basis of screening, comparing with the original formula at home and abroad, carrying out a large number of tests and repeated tests. In addition, the raw materials should be carefully inspected and accepted, and the proportion of raw materials should be constantly changed during batch production, so as to meet the requirements of standardized ex-work indexes, and then they can be put into the market. One type of product is only suitable for the use of one or two or three kinds of dry mortar.

   Compound dry mix additives should have three basic conditions of “more convenient use, guaranteed quality and cheaper price”. It has obvious effect on guiding production technology and reducing production cost. This kind of product is like a fool’s camera, its technical performance should be cutting-edge, and its popularization and application should be simple.

  Compound dry mix additive is a kind of product, which is widely used in foreign countries. It is produced with the development of dry mix mortar market demand. The main dry mix mortar manufacturers in foreign countries are developing and producing compound dry mix additives to facilitate the use of customers. In Taiwan, there are also many enterprises in promoting the application of compound dry mix additives. At present, they are widely used in China, mainly for construction companies and families.

  A small number of domestic enterprises are also developing and producing composite dry mix additives. Beijing Anshunda Decoration materials Co., Ltd is one of them. For example, the products produced by the company such as polymer powder I, polymer powder II, polymer powder II, masonry treasure, plastering, are composite dry mix mortar additives. The products developed by some domestic enterprises, such as “anti crack king” and “anti crack agent”, are composed of methyl cellulose ether, anti crack fiber and other materials into a composite anti crack additives which can solve the common problem of wall surface cracking. This product also belongs to dry mix additives