30 Nov 2018
November 30, 2018

Decorative cement

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Decorative cement


Decorative cement, including white cement and colored cement, is mainly used for architectural decoration projects and can be made into color mortar, or prepare a variety of white or colored concrete. Compared with materials, it has many advantages like easy to apply and shape, low cost, good environmental protection and durability.

White cement mainly includes white Portland cement, white aluminate cement, white sulphoaluminate cement, white steel slag cement. White Portland cement, short for white cement, is made of Portland cement clinker which contains little iron oxide and an appropriate amount of gypsum and mixing materials to meet the standard requirements. The color of Portland cement clinker is mainly decided by iron oxide. When content of iron oxide reduced to 0.35 – 0.40%, the cement appears as white color.


There are two ways to manufacture colored cement: one is to mix the coloring agent into white cement or Portland cement using dry mixing method, or to add coloring agent when grinding white cement and Portland cement; the other one is to add appropriate amount of coloring matter into raw materials and calcine it into a colored clinker.

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