Development Trend of Drymix Powder Mortar in China


At the end of the 20th century, China began to introduce Drymix powder mortar technology from abroad, and combined with the source of domestic raw materials, adjusted the formulation of a variety of Drymix powder mortars for different purposes, and achieved results in application of the century project.

From the current development trend, the development of Drymix mortar in China in the future is mainly concentrated in the following points:

  • Develop Drymix powder mortars that use industrial waste and local materials as the main raw materials. The utilization of fly ash, slag, waste rock powder, refinery waste residue, bentonite, etc, can not only reduce the cost and improve the performance of mortar, but also help to protect the environment and save resources. How to make good use of these industrial wastes is a very important issue.
  • Develop new varieties for new engineering needs. Only by developing a comprehensive variety of mortars that meet the needs of the market can it be used without restrictions and create favorable conditions for its smooth promotion. With the advent of the special mortars, it not only drives the development of Drymix mortar, but also creates conditions for the development of other industries.
  • Develop your own production process. At present, the production process of Drymix mortar is not mature in China. The production lines of general enterprises are imported from abroad. The investment in a production line is generally RMB 20-30 million, which is expensive. Only by developing a production process that conforms to China’s national conditions can we create conditions for the construction of Drymix mortar enterprises, which not only reduces investment costs, but also reduces production costs.
  • Coordinate with the wall material. The country has been working to promote the use of new wall materials, so it is necessary to develop special mortars that are compatible with the main bulk materials for currently use. According to the relevant data, the problems that the original mortar have in the use of new wall materials are:

    1) The performance of the mortar is poor. The block absorbs too much water during the masonry process. During the drying process, the block loses water and the second shrinkage causes wall cracking. The mortar is not full, and there are quality problems such as voids.

    2) The cohesive force of the mortar after drying and solidification is insufficient in the new wall due to the difference in cross-sectional size and clay brick, which causes wall cracking under the influence of deformation stress.

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