SidleyCel VS Culminal™ C9115 & LH70M

Many end customers use the CulminalTM C9115 and LH70M products, and we compare the performance of Sidley products to the CulminalTM C9115 at the customer’s request. We compare performance from Anti-slipping, Surface drying time, Open time. get conclusion,

1. In the tile adhesives with HPMC dosage of 0.16%, MPC80TX 01903193 (SIDLEYCHEM),
MPC80TX 01906101(SIDLEYCHEM), C9115 and LH70M all show good work performance- Easy to
Scrape and comb.
2. In the anti-slipping test, four HPMC all show good anti-slipping property. Based on the statistics,
The performance is- MPC80TX 01903193 slightly better than C9115and LH70M.
3. In the hot summer weather with temperature of 40°C and moisture of 76%, four HPMC
Exhibits good surface drying time- C9115 >LH70M>MPC80TX 01906101>MPC80TX 01903193.
4. In the outdoor open time test,four HPMC show good water retention. From the effect of wet
Mortar area on ceramic tile back, the result is- MPC80TX 01903193> MPC80TX
In conclusion ,SidleyCel®MPC80TX is quite equivalent to LH70M and C9115, and even show
better performance

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