Hydroxy Ethyl Cellulose

Hydroxy Ethyl Cellulose (HEC)


Hydroxyethy Cellulose(HEC) is a non-ionic cellulose ether . It is easily dispersed and dissolved in water to produce solution of high viscosity. HEC is used as a viscosity and rheology modifier, protective colloid, water retention agent, stabilizer and suspending agent, particularly in those applications where a non-ionic material is desired. The product has higher and more uniform degree of substitution, improved the enzyme resistance.

Physical and chemical index

Appearance white or similar to white powder
Moisture(%) Max. 8.0
PH 6.0-8.5
Particle Size min.92% pass through 80 mesh
Apparent Density 0.30-0.50 g/ml

Product Specification

Hydroxyethy Cellulose Brookfield Viscosity 1% Solution , at 20ºC
HEC – 30000E 1500-2500 mPa.s
HEC – 50000E 2500-4500 mPa.s
HEC – 100000E 4800-6000 mPa.s


Hydroxyethy Cellulose(HEC) is recommended as thickening agent in water-based paint. It provides excellent thickening efficiency, color development, open time, and superior resistance to biodegradation. It also play a role in the emulsion, dispersion, stability and water retention. The coating has good rheological properties at different shear rates, and has good workability and leveling, not easy to drop, good splash and sag resistance.

Detergent grade HEC

Hydroxyethy Cellulose Viscosity 2% Solution , 25ºC
HEC – C30000 30000-50000 mPa.s
HEC – C50000 50000-75000 mPa.s

Oil-drilling Grade HEC

Type Viscosity mpa.s Moisture, % ≤ Ash content, % ≤ pH
O300 150-400(2%) 5.0 5.0 6.0~8.5
O100000 4800~6000(1%)

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