The Russian Coatings Exhibition (Interlakokraska 2024) will be held on February 27-March 1, 2024 in Moscow, the capital of Russia. Centec Chemical Co., Ltd (hereinafter referred to as Centec) led a team to participate in this international exhibition from February 27th to March 1st. The exhibition is a professional exhibition with great influence in the region, which has been held for 27 times and has gained the support and participation of the Russian State Ministry of Industry, the Russian Chemical Federation, the Russian Municipal Government NIITEKHIM OAO, Mendeleev Russian Chemical Society, Centrlack Association and other departments. According to the official data, in 2023 the exhibition area of the show exceeded 12,000 square meters, with 201 exhibitors and a total of nearly 12,000 visitors. Exhibitors came from Russia, China, Belarus, Turkey, Iran and other countries. During the same period of the exhibition, paint coating related technical forums and market development seminars were also held, which is one of the important activities of the local paint industry and an effective way for Chinese enterprises to enter the Russian market. Russian paints and coatings are mainly concentrated in three federal districts: the Central Federal District (Moscow region and Yaroslav week), the Southern Federal District (Rostov region) and the Northwest Federal District (the city of St. Petersburg). Interlakokraska is based on the capital’s geographical advantages, radiation throughout Russia. Meanwhile, China-Russia trade has been growing in recent years, more and more Chinese enterprises enter Russia, and the market share of Chinese products continues to increase. 2023 Russia Coatings Expo has more than 80 Chinese enterprises exhibiting, and exhibitors generally feedback on the site with good results. Entrusted by the organizer, I will continue to organize Chinese enterprises to exhibit in Russia in 2024.

As a high-tech enterprise integrating R&D, production and sales of dry mortar, Shengde presented a series of high-quality dry mortar additives such as high hpmc at the exhibition. Customers showed strong interest in our newly-developed products and stayed at the booth to explore the innovative products, advanced technology, cutting-edge technology and environmental protection solutions in the coating industry.

In the future, Shengde will continue to develop high quality mortar additives and provide customers with the most competitive products and the best customized services. Feel free to contact us for cooperation or request for samples: [email protected].

The exhibition is coming to an end, but our cooperation has just begun. In the future, Shengde will continue to plough into product development and innovation, provide customers with high-quality, high-performance functional products and technical support, and more customers together to explore solutions for the dry mortar additives industry to empower efficiency, and jointly promote the development and progress of the industry! Together to create a better future!