Internal Coating/机内涂布

常规机内涂布纸种/General Internal Coating Papers:

1. 铜版纸 Copperplate Paper

2. 白卡纸 Ivory Board Paper

3. 涂布白板纸 Duplex Board Paper

4. 微涂双胶纸 Micro-coated Offset Paper

5. 涂布白面牛卡纸 Coated White Top Test Liner

Conversion Coating/机外涂布

常规机外涂布纸种/General Conversion Coating Papers

6. 热敏纸 Thermal Paper

7. 无碳复写纸 Carbonless Paper

8. 热升华转印纸 Heat Sublimation Transfer Paper

9. 标签纸 Label Paper

The applications of Carboxymethyl Cellulose (CMC) in paper-making industry


涂布功能The functions in coating

• 高保水能力High water retention capability

• 改善流变学特性 Advance rheological characteristics

• 荧光增白剂(FWA)/光学提亮剂(OBA)的高效载体 Efficient carrying of fluorescent whitening agents (FWA) / optical brightening agents (OBA)

•   叶片润滑作用,能减少刀片上的条纹和划痕Blade lubrication, reducing streaks and scratches

• 良好的分散性 Good dispersing properties

• 干混性添加剂,允许涂布颜料具有很高的固体性Dry addition capability, allowing very high solids coating

• 高剪切率下粘度变稀,剪切变稀性 Very low high-shear viscosity, shear-thinning

• 作辅助胶粘剂,极好的粘合力 As auxiliary adhesive, excellent bonding strength

湿部Wet end

湿部涂料是一个复杂的动态体系,如今正作为一个促进效率、降低废水负荷以及提高造纸机器利润的因素日益受到关注。The wet end is a complex dynamic system that is gaining increased attention as an area for improving efficiency, reducing effluent load and improving paper machine profitability.

通过以下机制改善纸张强度: improves paper strength by the following mechanisms.

通过在纤维和其它化学成分之间形成键合,增大键合面积。NX-CMC分子停留在纤维表面,增加有效活性基团的数量。NX-CMC increases the bonded area by forming bonds between fibers and other chemicals. The NX-CMC molecules set on the fiber surface, increasing the amount of active groups available.

•分散和润滑微纤维,从而增大键合面积。NX-CMC disperses the micro fibrils increasing the specific bonding areas.

•通过分散纤维,减小纤维间的摩擦力。这降低了絮体粒径,从而能获得更佳的结构. NX-CMC disperses and lubricates fibers, which leads to reduced frictional forces between the fibers. This leads to reduced floc size and therefore a better formation can be achieved

在工艺和质量上的优势:On-Machine and Quality Benefits

• 节省精磨能耗 Savings in refining energy

• 改善了阳离子活性物的保留度 Improved retention of cationic additives

• 最大填料级别 Maximized filler levels

• 使生产商可使用较脆弱或较廉价的纤维素做原料 Incorporation of weaker or cheaper fibers

• 控制电荷平衡来得到理想的运转性 Control charge balance to achieve desired runnability

• 可调节的使用量 Retention adjustment

• 改善运转性 Improved runnability

• 较少起泡(尤其是在PAE存在时)Less foaming (especially in the presence of PAE)

表面施胶Surface sizing

• 可以与多种氧化或酶转化表面施胶淀粉一起使用,用于增强淀粉表面施胶的效果 It can be used in combination with a variety of oxidizing or enzymatic transformation surface sizing starch to enhance the effect of the surface sizing starch

• 与淀粉具有相互促进的作用,可提高表胶胶液的成膜性,控制胶液的无效渗透,减少胶液消耗量 It can improve the film-forming properties of the gelatine and control the ineffectiveness of the glue solution and reduce the consumption of glue

• 提高纸张的表面强度和耐磨性Increase the surface strength and abrasion resistance of paper.

NX-CMC用于以下纸张中:NX-CMC is used in several paper grades like:

  • 白板纸:NX-CMC 用于涂布工艺Duplex Board Paper: NX-CMC in coating
  • 铜版纸、铜板卡:NX-CMC 用于涂布工艺Copperplate Paper: NX-CMC in coating
  • 白卡纸:NX-CMC用于涂布工艺Ivory Board Paper: NX-CMC in coating
  • 热升华转印纸:NX-CMC用于涂布工艺Heat Sublimation Transfer Paper: NX-CMC in coating

• 热敏纸:NX-CMC作为涂布颜料添加剂 Thermal Paper: NX-CMC as coating color additive

• 标签纸:NX-CMC用于涂布工艺,也用于湿部造纸 Label Papers: NX-CMC in coating and in wet end

• 安全纸/银行纸币:NX-CMC用于湿部造纸 Security Paper/Bank note: NX-CMC in the wet end

• 无碳复写纸:NX-CMC用于上页纸和下页纸的涂布Carbonless Paper: NX-CMC in CB and CF coatings

• 卷烟纸:NX-CMC用于湿部Cigarette Paper: NX-CMC in the wet end

  • 装饰原纸:NX-CMC用于湿部Decorative Base Paper: NX-CMC in the wet end
  • 纸巾:NX-CMC用于湿部 Tissue, Towel: NX-CMC in the wet end
  • 等等 else