The use of the new VINNAPAS redispersible polymer powder modified dry powder tile adhesive has a remarkable technical and economic effect.

China’s building ceramics production ranks first in the world, with an annual output of 2 billion square meters. If 5% of the application of thin-coated tile adhesive, according to the need for tile rubber 4kg per square meter, then 400,000 tons of dry powder tile glue, calculated according to the cement content of 35%, with 140,000 tons of bulk cement, according to the corresponding savings of 15kg of mortar each square meter will save 15 million tons of mortar.

  1. Polymer modified dry powder tile adhesive is the basis of modern thin layer tile bonding process. Modern thin-layer tile adhesive can meet the multi-faceted requirements for tile bonding in the development of the modern construction industry.
  2. The upcoming “Tile Adhesive” can better reflect the technical requirements of modern building for tile paste, and can be integrated with the prior construction acceptance procedures, which has more practical guiding significance for the designer to select materials.
  3. VINNAPAS dispersible polymer powders provide long-lasting flexibility and deformability to cement tile adhesives and are a reliable guarantee for tile adhesive safety.
  4. The new thin layer construction method can fully reflect the performance advantages of the material, and greatly improve the construction quality and reliability while not greatly increasing the unit cost, and the social benefit of the thin layer method tile adhesive is remarkable.