Calcium Formate

Calcium Formate 98%(CAS:544-17-2)

Feed & Industry Grade

Calcium formate is white crystal with excellent fluidity, which is often used as an setting-Accelerator in mortar. In dry-mixed mortar products, such as thermal insulation mortar, tile adhesive, cement-based plaster, repair mortar, etc., in order to improve the early strength, high-alumina cement and gypsum are usually used as coagulant, (at low temperature, it is also necessary to add antifreeze ), calcium formate has a dual role as a new type of setting-Accelerator , which can accelerate the hardening speed of cement, improve the early strength, and avoid the slow setting speed of mortar in winter construction or low temperature and humidity. so that the mortar can be put into use as early as possible, especially contributing to the early strength.

Appearance White Crystal
Purity ≥98%
Calcium content ≥30.1
Moisture ≤1%
Bulk density(g/L) 900-1000g/l
Particle size(100mesh) ≤5%
Heavy metal 20ppm max
pH 6.5~8.0
      Product Features:

Calcium formate is a kind of setting-Accelerator that can accelerates concrete/mortar coagulation and hardening, which means it can-

1,Shorten the initial setting time.

2,Normallzies the cement/mortar retardation under low temperature conditions.,

3,Increase the rate of early strength growth.

4,Shorten the mold closing time in the module during the production of concrete prefabricated parts.

5,Shorten the time of concrete reaching load capacity.

      Addition Rates

Dosage rates will be dependent on mix design, process, types of materials and the desired effect but typically:

500gms – 2000gms per 100 kg cement

(0.50% – 2.00% by weight of cement)

It is advisable to carry out preliminary tests to establish the correct dosage for the application.

      Application area

Calcium Formate can be used in concrete, dry mortar and tile adhesives, acting on both setting and hardening time by accelerating the formation of tricalcium alluminate silicate. Depending on the dosage of Calcium Formate, it also can strongly modify the initial workability of the wet mortar.

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