Silicone Hydrophobic Powder

Silicone Hydrophobic Powder

WS80 Powder

Waterproof cement-based building materials for added durability with less maintenance



Product Overview

WS80 Powder is developed on the basis of the technology of encapsulating hydrophobic additives in a hydrophilic shell, that is, a powdery silane-based product which is obtained by coating the silane through spray drying with a water-soluble protective colloid and an anti-caking agent. WS80 subtly combines two contradictory mechanisms (waterproof and dispersibility) together, so that the hydrophobic mortar can be stirred effectively and uniformly in a short time, and dry powder mortar products with strong hydrophobic properties can be formulated.

Range of Application

WS80 Powder is used to improve water resistance and durability of cement-based products.

Recommended Application:

Joint filler

Waterproof mortar



Method of Use

Package into finished products after mixing with other dry powder components evenly, and use it after mixing with the recommended amount of water on site.

The recommended dosage is 0.2%-0.5% by weight of dry powder, which will hardly affect the compressive strength of the material.

Physicochemical Property

Project Indicator
appearance white powder, free flowing
PH value

(10% aqueous solution)

bulk density 200~400g/L
80 mesh pass rate ≥99.0%
odor Non
moisture content 2%max

Packing Specification

Standard packaging: 15 kg paper bag lined with polyethylene film.

Storage Conditions

It is recommended to store in a dry place below 30℃,  avoid moisture and direct sunlight, and use it within 12 months.

If the product is not used up, the packaging must be tightly sealed to prevent moisture intrusion.

Product Safety

According to laws and regulations on dangerous goods and preparations, this product is harmless. The formation and accumulation of dust should be avoided. Scattered products should be cleaned up in a dry state. There is a risk of slipping when contacted with water. For detailed information, please contact us.

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