Calcium/Sodium Lignosulfonate

Calcium/Sodium Lignosulfonate


Lignosulfonates mainly include calcium lignosulfonate, sodium lignosulfonate, and magnesium lignosulfonate. Calcium lignosulfonate is the most widely used among them. This kind of water-reducing agent has ri is an ordich sources of raw materials, a simple manufacturing process, and a low price. It accounts for about 80% of the total production of water-reducing agents. However, its effect could be better. It has air-entraining and retarding effects. Itnary water-reducing agent and has a better impact when combined with an early-strength agent.

Application in water-reducing agent

The hydrophobic groups in the lignosulfonate molecules can be adsorbed on the surface of cement particles, and the hydrophilic groups make the water-reducing agent and cement better soluble in each other, improving the hydrophilicity of the cement particles. Lignosulfonate is added to cement to form a monomolecular or multi-molecular layer hydration film on the surface of cement particles. The hydration film has a lubricating effect, which is beneficial to the movement and diffusion of cement particles, prevents flocculation, and destroys already flocculated cement particles. The excess water between cement particles is released to achieve water reduction.

1 Calcium lignosulfonate water-reducing agent

Calcium lignosulfonate water-reducing agent is a natural high molecular polymer and an anionic surfactant with reliable performance and compatibility compared with other chemicals. It can be formulated into early strength, retardant, antifreeze, and pumping agents. It suits construction, dams,  highways, and concrete planting projects. Calcium lignosulfonate water-reducing agent can reduce water consumption by more than 10% and increase the compressive strength by more than 15% on average in 3 to 28 days. Improve the durability of concrete and significantly reduce the heat of hydration in the early stages of cement hydration. It contains no chlorine salt and has no corrosive effect on steel bars.


2 Sodium lignosulfonate water-reducing agent

Sodium lignosulfonate water-reducing agent has a medium molecular weight and low reducing sugar content. It can be used as a concrete admixture. It has the characteristics of low dosage, low air content, and strong adaptability to cement. The most remarkable feature is that after compounding with naphthalene-based high-efficiency water-reducing admixture, the liquid admixture produced has no precipitation. Sodium lignosulfonate water-reducing agents can reduce water consumption by more than 14%, improve the workability of concrete, and reduce the heat of hydration in the early stages of cement hydration. It contains no chlorine salt and has no corrosive effect on steel bars.

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