Hooked End Steel Fiber

Loose Hooked End Steel Fiber & Glued Hooked End Steel Fiber


The design of end hooks at both ends of steel fiber is the best anchoring design, which slowly deforms in the process of drawing, thus enhancing the binding force between hooked steel fiber and concrete. Hooked steel fibre is made of high-quality wire by cold drawing, and its tensile strength is greater than 1100MPa, which ensures extremely small tolerance and high tensile strength.

Products Diameter Length L/D ratio TS Type
SC-05030 0.50mm 30mm 60 >1150MPa Loose/Glued
SC-05530 0.55mm 55mm 55 >1150MPa Loose/Glued
SC-05035 0.50mm 50mm 70 >1150MPa Loose/Glued
SC-05535 0.55mm 35mm 64 >1150MPa Loose/Glued
SC-07550 0.75mm 50mm 67 >1150MPa Loose/Glued
SC-07560 0.75mm 60mm 80 >1150MPa Loose/Glued
SC-09050 0.90mm 50mm 56 >1150MPa Loose/Glued
SC-09060 0.90mm 60mm 67 >1150MPa Loose/Glued
SC-10050 1.00mm 50mm 50 >1150MPa Loose/Glued

This fiber is a new material of concrete reinforcement, it is made of copper coated cold-drawn wire.it is widely adopted in high-quality industrial floors, tunnel and bridge surface applications. After mixing with these reinforced glued steel fibers, the concrete has perfect flex resistance and shear strength.

Dosage: depend on the application and minimum dosage is 20kg/㎥-70kg/㎥

Mixing: When pouring sand and aggregates into the hopper, mix an appropriate amount of loose steel fibers evenly, and then add cement. Put it in a mixing table, dry and mix for 2 minutes. If it is glued in rows of steel fibers, you need to add steel fibers after adding water so that the water can dissolve the bonding glue.

Put the uniformly mixed fiber concrete into the conveyor and transport.

Concrete pouring and laying should be compacted.

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