Polypropylene Chopped Fiber

Polypropylene Chopped Fiber

Polypropylene Fine Fiber (PPMF) is a high-strength bundled monofilament fiber made of polypropylene resin as the primary raw material by a unique process. Adding it to concrete (or mortar) can effectively control micro-cracks caused by plastic shrinkage, settlement, and temperature changes in concrete (or mortar) and prevent and inhibit the formation and development of cracks. As a result, it can be widely used in industrial and civil construction, water conservancy engineering, road, and bridge engineering.

Fibre type Bundled monofilament Breaking strength ≥500MPa


Cross-sectional shape Trilobal or round Elongation at break ≤50%


equivalent diameter 15-45μm


Elasticity modulus ≥3850MPa


Proportion 0.91-0.93g/cm³


Melting point 160-180°C


Length 20mm Acid-base resistance property

(Strength retention rate)


Note: The length range is 3-50mm and can be produced according to customer requirements.

Reinforcing Function of PPMF

★Anti-cracking effect on concrete

Concrete accompanying fibers are three-dimensionally distributed in concrete, effectively reducing the stress concentration at the tip of micro-cracks and preventing the occurrence and expansion of micro-cracks.

★Improve the impermeability of concrete

The uniform distribution of PPMF in concrete forms a support system that reduces the bleeding of concrete and significantly improves its impermeability.

★Improve the freeze-thaw resistance of concrete

Because PPMFr can effectively reduce the concentration of tensile stress in concrete caused by multiple freeze-thaw cycles, prevent the further development of micro-cracks, and help improve its freeze-thaw resistance.

★Improve the impact resistance and toughness of concrete

PPMF helps to absorb the kinetic energy of concrete components when impacted, and due to the crack resistance effect of threads, it can effectively enhance the impact resistance and toughness of concrete.

★Improvement of the durability of concrete

Due to the excellent crack resistance effect of PPMF, it can significantly reduce the occurrence and development of cracks, the internal porosity, and the corrosion of the primary reinforcement of the structure so that the durability of concrete is greatly improved and enhanced.

★Improve the high-temperature resistance of concrete

In concrete, especially high-strength concrete mixed with PPMF, the uniformly distributed fiber monofilaments present a three-dimensional random distribution, forming a network structure. The fibers melt and create when the temperature inside the concrete member rises above 165℃. The internally connected channels allow the strong high-pressure steam to escape from the concrete, effectively avoiding bursting in a fire environment.

Construction technology
  1. There will be no conflict between concrete with fiber and concrete aggregate, admixture,  and cement, and there is no special requirement for mixing equipment.
  2. There will be no conflict between concrete with fiber and concrete aggregate, admixture,  and cement, and there is no special requirement for mixing equipment.
  3. Accurately weigh the fiber according to the designed dosage and concrete mixing volume. After preparing the sand and gravel, add the fiber and the aggregate to the mixer. It should appropriately extend the mixing time to 30-60 seconds. Random sampling after the blending is completed; if the fibers have been evenly dispersed, it can put the concrete into use. If there are still bundled fibers, prolong the stirring time for 30 seconds, and then it can be used.
  4. The construction and maintenance process of concrete with PPMFis the same as that of ordinary concrete.
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