Brass Coated Micro Steel Fiber

Brass Coated Micro Steel Fiber


Micro steel fibers are made of copper-coated steel wire. Micro steel fiber wire is one of most important material of RPC and UHPC.UHPC has high strength, high toughness, very good durability and volume stability. This micro steel fiber is an excellent new building material. Micro filament steel fibers are currently widely used in high-speed railways, highways, RPC cover plates and UHPC buildings.

Products Diameter Length L/D ratio TS Type
SC-18-23 0.18-0.23mm 13mm 50-70 >2850MPa Loose
SC-18-35 0.18-0.35mm 13mm 37-70 >2850MPa Loose
SC-2013 0.20mm 13mm 65 >2850MPa Straight
SC-2213 0.22mm 13mm 59 >2850MPa Straight

Product feature:

Good dispersion in concrete;

Less impact on UHPC liquidity;

Improving the toughness of concrete;

The brass fibers provides good impact, fatigue, shrinkage control and ductility in all grade concretes;


Depend on the application and minimum dosage is 120kg/㎥-200kg/㎥

Mixing: When pouring sand and aggregates into the hopper, mix an appropriate amount of loose steel fibers evenly, and then add cement. Put it in a mixing table, dry and mix for 2 minutes. If it is glued in rows of steel fibers, you need to add steel fibers after adding water so that the water can dissolve the bonding glue.

Put the evenly mixed fiber concrete into the conveyor and transport.

Concrete pouring and laying should be compacted.

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