1). Application in tile adhesive Based on test formula as follows- A. Portland cement (p·O, 42.5R): 37% B. Sand gradation: 61.2% C. Hydroxy propyl methyl cellulase: 0.3% D. Redispersible polymer powder: 1.5% E. cellulose fiber: 0.3% Adding cellulose fiber into different formulas of tile adhesive can significantly reduce the slide distance. That is to say cellulose fiber in ceramic tile adhesive does not reduce the workability,.. read more →

The function of the water reducing agent is to improve the working performance of freshly mixed mortar and the fluidity of the mortar without reducing the water consumption of the cement; while maintaining a certain working performance, reduce the amount of cement and increase the strength of the mortar, under the circumstances, reduce the amount of cement per.. read more →

28 Aug 2020
August 28, 2020

Water reducing agent

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Water reducing agent refers to an additive that can reduce the amount of water used for mixing under the condition that the consistency of the mortar is basically the same. Water-reducing agents are generally surfactants, and are divided into ordinary water-reducing agents, high-efficiency water-reducing agents, early strength water-reducing agents, retarding water-reducing agents, retarding high-efficiency water-reducing.. read more →

Insulation board supporting mortar The thermal insulation board supporting mortar is an important part of the external wall insulation, mainly the thermal insulation board adhesive and protective mortar. As a supporting material for the system, the components of the external insulation system must be regarded as a whole. Therefore, adhesives, insulation panels, protective mortars, fiber.. read more →

Gypsum plaster is widely used in dry-mixed mortar products. Whether it is hand-applied plaster or machine-applied plaster, starch ether plays a very important role in it. The influence of starch ether on the thickening of freshly mixed mortar can provide thickening effect for plaster, so that plaster can quickly reach a suitable consistency during construction… read more →