Sidley Chemical will participate in the 2020 ChinaCoat Show Company: Sidley Chemical Co., Ltd. Business Nature: Manufacturer Country/Region: China Hall No.: 3.2 Zone No.: 8 Booth No.: 3.2H27 Sidley Chemical Co., Ltd. has been focusing on the application development and production of construction chemicals such as drymix mortar and coating additives and provide customers with cellulose ethers(HPMC/RDP/HEC/CMC), redispersible polymer.. read more →

Currently the most widely used RDP are EVA and Veova. The technology is mature and the application effect is good. In recent years vinyl acetate acrylic acid system has emerged as the focus of foreign competitive research and development, but it has not been widely used due to its immature technology, but its excellent comprehensive.. read more →

28 Aug 2020
August 28, 2020

Natural Cellulose Fiber

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Characteristics of nature cellulose fiber (1)Fiber reinforcement and thickening effect The nature cellulose fiber has a three-dimensional network structure with obvious cross-linking effect, as shown in picture 4.4-2. This structure can effectively adhere to the liquid structure, such as water, latex paint, asphalt and other liquids with different consistency. Its thickening depends on the length.. read more →

1). Application in tile adhesive Based on test formula as follows- A. Portland cement (p·O, 42.5R): 37% B. Sand gradation: 61.2% C. Hydroxy propyl methyl cellulase: 0.3% D. Redispersible polymer powder: 1.5% E. cellulose fiber: 0.3% Adding cellulose fiber into different formulas of tile adhesive can significantly reduce the slide distance. That is to say cellulose fiber in ceramic tile adhesive does not reduce the workability,.. read more →

The function of the water reducing agent is to improve the working performance of freshly mixed mortar and the fluidity of the mortar without reducing the water consumption of the cement; while maintaining a certain working performance, reduce the amount of cement and increase the strength of the mortar, under the circumstances, reduce the amount of cement per.. read more →