During the study of dry mixed mortar, more attention is paid on admixtures and fiber materials, while the roles of aggregate and filler are often ignored. The effect of reasonable combination of aggregates and fillers is often beyond the reach of admixtures. Reasonable gradation can save cost and improve the comprehensive performance of the product. Experiments show that the higher.. read more →

Cementing materials are substances with a certain mechanical strength, that can bind other bulk materials (such as sand and stones) or block materials (such as bricks and stones) as a whole during the process of gradually changing from a malleable slurry to a solid stone-like solid under physical and chemical action. The cementing material has a long history.. read more →

As a covering material for buildings, ceramic tiles are popular among people. In addition to providing decorative surfaces with aesthetic usage, ceramic tiles are also resistant to water, hard, hygienic and easy to clean. However, the problem of tile peeling, this is, the failure of the tile bonding system, is of more concern. From the.. read more →

Internal Coating/机内涂布 常规机内涂布纸种/General Internal Coating Papers: 1. 铜版纸 Copperplate Paper 2. 白卡纸 Ivory Board Paper 3. 涂布白板纸 Duplex Board Paper 4. 微涂双胶纸 Micro-coated Offset Paper 5. 涂布白面牛卡纸 Coated White Top Test Liner Conversion Coating/机外涂布 常规机外涂布纸种/General Conversion Coating Papers 6. 热敏纸 Thermal Paper 7. 无碳复写纸 Carbonless Paper 8. 热升华转印纸 Heat Sublimation Transfer Paper 9. 标签纸 Label.. read more →

There are different views on the interaction between polyvinyl acetate and cement in aqueous solution. Some scholars think that  the modified cement mortar with polyvinyl acetate itself forms polymer film inside and the holes inside mortar are sealed or covered, so its impermeability is improved. Foreign scholars think that the interaction between polymer and Ca(OH)2.. read more →